World Cup 2022

Group Stages we're Showing

Sunday 20 November

Group A: Qatar v Ecuador (16:00)

Monday 21 November

Group B: USA v Wales (19:00)

Tuesday 22 November

Group D: France v Australia (19:00)

Wednesday 23 November

Group F: Belgium v Canada (19:00)

Thursday, 24 November

Group G: Brazil v Serbia (19:00)

Friday, 25 November

Group B: Wales v Iran (10:00)
Group B: England v USA (19:00)

Saturday 26 November

Group D: France v Denmark (16:00)
Group C: Argentina v Mexico (19:00)

Sunday 27 November

Group F: Croatia v Canada (16:00)
Group E: Spain v Germany (19:00)

Monday 28 November

Group H: Portugal v Uruguay (19:00)

Tuesday 29 November

Group B: Wales v England (19:00)

Wednesday 30 November

Group D: Tunisia v France (19:00) OR Australia v Denmark (19:00)

Thursday 1 December

Group E: Japan v Spain (19:00) OR Costa Rica v Germany (19:00)

Friday 2 December

Group G: Cameroon v Brazil (19:00) OR Serbia v Switzerland (19:00)

More to be announced

We'll announce more games when the group stages have been completed
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